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From Ireland ☘️ I have three years of experience as a UX designer and App developer.

I am fascinated in understanding how things work, and hence designing how things work. In that way I am curious about everything and always trying to figure out the best way to do something! My process for this:

  • Talk to people to get their perspective and understand who they are, their goals and problems.

  • Imagine the entire user experience journey and try to figure out all of the potential problems.

  • "Build, measure, learn" early and quickly ensures fast learning and staying on the track solving the right problem and helping the user achieve their goals.

To give you a better understanding for where my love for people and design comes from I think its worth looking where I come from. I grew up in a small town of 5,000 people in the west of Ireland called Westport.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 🇰🇭 


Welcome to Westport!

Westport is the most popular and beautiful tourism town in Ireland with amazing scenery as it is right on the west coast! 

The iconic Westport town clock right at the top of the town


It's from my parents, Westport and Christy's Harvest where I believe my love for people has come from and that is where I get my natural interest for helping people through design.


I always had an interest in technology but it wasn't until I enrolled in my Software Development degree in 2017 that it really started to click.


During my degree I created my first app Drive Safe, which was an app that could automatically detect when you are driving then put your phone on silent, and auto reply to anyone who called or texted you to say you were driving.

This was the starting point for my interest in creating apps.

(Pat Corcoran, Westport Radio.)


Drive Safe Mayo News_edited.jpg

I was very fortunate with how popular Drive Safe was. It was used by 30,000+ people around the world and awarded 2 national awards for innovation in road safety! 

(Enda Kenny,
An Taoiseach/Prime minister 
of Ireland)


Unbeknownst to me at the time, Drive Safe laid the foundation for  my love for UX Design, psychology and design in general.



I wasn't aware that UX was even a discipline until late 2019 and discovered it after going to an Empathy Jam talk at my local
co-working space


in 2019 I founded my Startup called DapDap.
Which was used to promote local events in Westport. 

From my experience creating Drive Safe and DapDap 
I realized what I really loved was the users experience and working with people.



An event posted on DapDap by a venue promoting a tribute band for my favourite band
Thin Lizzy.

IMG_1416 2.PNG
UX Design Course.jpeg

In 2020 I enrolled in a UX Research and Design Diploma in Ireland.
After completing the course I knew I had found the right direction.

The more I learn about UX and Design the more I am enthralled by it!

Abstract Design Netflix Series

Abstract, Netflix series

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 🚂
Please feel free to connect with me.

People who inspire me.


Good design is less.

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