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I'm a people person,
with a passion for coming up with ideas to solve problems and help people!

I'm driven to create successful projects by understanding the user's goals and problems.

Picture of Andrew Irwin

UX Designer, App Creator

Redesigning the
Irish Apothecary Shopify Store (Work in Progress.)

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 19.32.05.png

UX Designer, App Creator

Digitalising the sign in process for child playcentres.

The playcentres were having difficulty managing their paper sign-in sheets so I created an app to allow parents to sign in at reception, which made it easier for playcentres to manage and search through their records.

Used by 1,000's of parents


UX Designer, App Creator

My First App: Drive Safe,
an app to stop you being distracted by your phone while driving.

Statistics showed that texting while driving made you 23 times more likely to crash.

I created an app that could automatically detect when you are driving and then put your phone on silent and auto reply to incoming calls/texts to say you were driving.

🌟🌟 Awards:

  • Innovation in Road Safety, Road Safety Authority Ireland, 2016.

  • Top 10 young outstanding people in Ireland, JCI Ireland 2017.

Used by 30,000+ people around the world

Drive Safe Mayo News_edited.jpg

UX Designer, App Creator

My Startup: DapDap, an app to promote local events.

Frustrated on missing out on events I was interested in, as well as there was no app to show you what was going on in my hometown. I created DapDap to allow people to see what was going on locally and made it easy for anyone to post an event to the app for everyone to see!

1,000+ Users

500 Events


Event promoters


UX Research & Design Course Project

How to improve the experience of booking flights on web and mobile

As part of my 6 month UX research and design course, our final project thought us how to use the UX process to create an app that made it easier to book flights online.

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